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Research and development projects during my stay at university

Funded by several cooperation partners intobusiness and public administration: "Proof testing of an integrated software production environment while  developing software for the general Hanover cloister fund" (Project budget DM 1.2 million; 3 permanent employees and several students; Project duration 2 years  and 6 months.) Subsequent project more than 4 years to the expansion of the functions including an accounting program. Funded by the Nether Saxon minister of economy and several cooperation partners from business and public administration: "Empirical evaluation of the software quality in small and medium size enterprises" (Project budget: DM 280.000,-; 3 employees; project duration 2 years) Funded by agens Consulting GmbH, Ellerau: "Development one of PC supported graphic tool for the user oriented specification of business application software" (1 employee, project duration

Software projects in industry

Consultant of <LINK http://www.proscyberneton.de>proscyberneton GmbH</LINK> Cooperation on a warehouse administration system of a motorcar supplier (COBOL) Order system for household equipment manufacturer incl. development of a relational data base system for microcomputers (OPL, Assembly) Re-engineering of the contract administration system of a life insurance company (PL/1) Re-engineering of the customer accounting system of a life insurance company (PL/1) Project management of the customer accounting system (direct collection) of an insurance company (H.-D. Kn

Software projects in technical and scientific data processing

  1. Programming of the Zeiss grain size analyser (TGZ) (machine code)
  2. Programming of a programme for statistical allocation of minerals according their chemical properties to rock types (FORTRAN)
  3. Programming of an programme for quantitative chemical one Analyses with a mikcro probe (BASIC)
  4. Programming of the Zeiss microscope of linear analysers (machine code)


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